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Version 4.4.0 (12/10/09)


Macintosh Requirement
  * QuickTime

Windows Requirements
  * QuickTime

*if using images other than JPEG images.

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Version 4.4.0 (12-10-2009)
[new] Updated for windows 7
[fix] Fixed an issue when loading images
[chg] optimized code
[chg] updated all watermarking code

Version 4.3.9 (10-15-2009)
[new] Updated for snow leopard and windows 7
[fix] Fixed an issue when savng jpeg images on windows
[chg] optimized code
[chg] updated all watermarking code

Version 4.3.8 (5-22-2009)
[fix] Fixed a registration error on windows
[fix] Fixed a bug when using the create thumbnails only
[chg] Images now are rotated when you load them if the metadata has them rotated
[chg] optimized code
[chg] updated all watermarking code

Version 4.3.7 (3-12-2008)
[fix] Fixes to the frame images code to show up correctly on windows
[fix] Changed PHP code to try to remove cases where a newer php directive could make forms come across as empty
[new] Other minor fixes

Version 4.3.6 (2-7-2008)
[new] Added the ability to include a frame around images
the frame can either be computer generated or can be made from an image
[new] Other minor fixes

Version 4.3.5
[New] Added a way to copy a description to all images (you can use the template that will fill in the description such as to put in the image name and creation date).
[fix] Major code rewrite, removed all of the older pre mac os X code.
[fix] a variety of other fixes

Version 4.3.4
[fix] Better support for avi and mp4 movies
[new] Other minor fixes

Version 4.3.3
[fix] Fixed a bug when using avi movies
[new] Added non visual changes to watermarking (This way you can set the created/modified date to a different date (great for if your camera date is off). The file comment lets you add more copyright information
Change the file created date
Change the file modified date
Add in a file comment
Also an option to only make non visual changes (the image stays exactly the same)
[fix] a variety of other fixes

Version 4.3.2
[fix] Better support for large images
[fix] a variety of other fixes

Version 4.3.1
[fix] Fixes for loading images that might fail on Mac OS X
[fix] Minor watermark changes
[fix] a variety of other fixes

Version 4.3.0
[new] Now universal (intel mac and PPC mac)
[new] button to apply changes to all
[fix] a variety of other fixes

Version 4.2.6
[fix] Added new watermarking features (shadow, bevel, emboss)
[new] Option added to not show any table cell color (so you can see the background image better)
[fix] Now loads MP4 movies correctly.

Version 4.2.5
[fix] Added shadow,bevel, emboss for watermarking images
[chg] General code cleanup

Version 4.2.4
[fix] Fixed a bug where dropping
[fix] Fixed a bug on close

Version 4.2.3
[fix]Fixed a bug where some of the watermarking options were not being saved correctly.

Version 4.2.2
[fix] Minor framework changes

Version 4.2.1
[new] Changed Mac download to DMG for compatibility
[chg] Dropped forward upgrades for OS 9
[chg] Other Minor fixes

[new] Added a cleaner toolbar
[new] Cancel button to cancel creating albums
[fix] Various minor bug fixes

[new] Changed to high quality scaling for image scaling
[new] Updated built in watermarking to add scale to size options
[fix] Various minor bug fixes

[fix] fixed a bug in the custom wizard where in Mac OS 9 a message box was being shown
[fix] Fixed the link for the format the description on the main window
[fix] Fixed a preference flash seen in Mac OS 9
[fix] Fixed a bug where you could not set the thumbnail size
[fix] The spanning text now takes the same font format as the footer text.

[fix] Fixed a bug where the thumbnail size was not being saved.
[new] Added check for updates from within Quickie

[new] Slideshow option where you can set the duration to show images, set the icon to use, and a blend option (blend only
works on certain web browsers).
[chg] Full redesign of application layout (moved all of the preferences to a separate window).
[new] Auto insert IPTC / EXIF information into the description (note to keep images smaller IPTC/EXIF information is not
retained in the final image, unless you choose the copy image option).
[new] Added in CSS style sheet support
[chg] Modified the user comments to not require register globals to be turned on
[new] Option to show a home button next to the arrows pointing to the URL of choice
[new] Simple Login (requires php) - Lets you require users to login to your site to view images


Version 4.0 is a paid update for previous registered owners. Once 4.0 is released all registered users will be emailed update information. Email web@lajdesignsw.com if you have any questions.

[fix] Fixed a bug in the loading of pre 3.5 albums which was only letting the first image load
[fix] Fixed a problem loading individual avi movies
[fix] Fixed a problem creating albums with movies that had descriptions
[opt] Cleaned up several windows

[new] Added the copy short to long buttons - lets you copy you short description to the long description
[new] Added the copy long to short buttons - lets you copy your long description to your short description.
[fix] Changed the tab order for the short and long description areas
[opt] General optimization and clean up of the quickie codebase

[fix] Fixed a bug that would not let you import individual images, just folders.
[fix] Fixed a problem loading older album files.

[new] Added short description that goes on the index pages (with thumbnails)
[chg] The long description goes on the individual pages
[new] Added text editor for the short and long description areas
[new] The text area includes an insert button to let you insert features of the current image that are calculated at create album time. This is done by inserting special tags that are replaced with the appropriate information at runtime.

[bug] Fixed a bug where watermark would give an error when only image on image and not text watermarks
[bug] Fixed a bug where javascript popup windows would scroll the main window to the top every once and a while.
[bug] Fixed a bug when locating moved images in saved albums.
[chg] Changed the user comments code to allow quotes and apostrophes.

[new] Added User Comments (allowing visitors to leave comments)
[new] Added the ability to watermark fullsize images or thumbnails or both.
[new] Added a beta FTP upload option (with mini FTP client)
[new] Added code to load saved album files when you double click the file
[new] Added options to set spanning link text for Previous, Page, and Next
[chg] Open dialogs now start at the last open folder
[chg] Cleanup work on the template wizard
[opt] More optimization of the watermarking
[opt] Optimized image rotation
[fix] Fixed a bug where the description was being shown for the last row if show no description on the index page and page spanning was turned on.
[fix] fixed a bug so that .avi movies would load correctly
[chg] Cleaned up the general GUI
[opt] General optimization of Quickie
Version 3 is a free update for version 1 & 2 registered users.

[fix] Fixed the javascript popup windows (broken in 2.4)
[fix] Fixed a problem where the image quality was not being loaded correctly.
[fix] Fixed a an error on Quit that showed up on windows versions.
[fix] Fixed the drag re-order to catch errors (mainly on windows versions)

[fix] Fixed a bug where when using the max scaling white space was showing on some portrait images
[fix] Fixed a bug where the valign was showing up empty in the html if default was selected

[new] Added cell spacing, padding, background color, and alignment
[new] Added the ability to resize Main window
[new] Added custom logo code (requires registration)

[chg] New Album format (XML based)
[new] Added options for scale to width/height/ or max for both thumbnails and images (for more proportional images)

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