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PayPal no longer requires an account to process through PayPal.

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1. Your IP address is being recorded to insure against fraudulent use of credit cards.
2. Programs downloaded using bogus credit card details will cease to work once payment is found to be fraudalent.

Registering products unlocks the time limits, adds save and load options, and helps to support continued development. Registered users are notified when new major releases are out and are given a higher priority in technical support. If you have any questions about the registering process please let us know.

LAJ Design now offers three vendors through which you can register your products. LAJ Design uses Kagi, eSellerate, PayPal for its payments. Once you buy from them, they send LAJ Design the receipt and then LAJ Design sends the serial number.

We have a zero refund policy due to software not being a hard product, so please try our products before you buy.


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