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A Single License covers one installation of a software title.
Site Licenses cover 10 to 24 installations of a software title.
World Licenses cover beyond 25 Licenses.

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Software Description Cost Total Cost
Quickie Web Albums Single License $23
Quickie Web Albums Site License $200
Quickie Web Albums Quickie Web Albums World License $500


eOrdering Professional Single License $450

eOrdering Pro
(Event Proofs)

eOrdering Gold Single License $75
eOrdering Gold Site License $500

eOrdering Gold
(Web Proofs)

eOrdering Gold Upgrade from eOrdering Complete

  upgrade #

eOrdering Complete License $65
eOrdering Complete Site License $500

eOrdering Complete

DropWaterMark Single License $16.50


DropFrame Single License $12.50


MaxPod Single License $16.50


vSlideshow Single License $16.50

Video Slideshow

Widget Maker X Single License $16.50

Widget Maker X

Listen Later Single License $23.50

Listen Later

iReplace License $12.50


BatControls $12.50
BatControls Site License $100


BatControls World License $200

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The only modifications were to make the links for the images to the pages for each software title

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