eOrdering Professional
(was Event Proofs)
Event Shopping Cart and Online Store solution

PayPal Demo Site
ASP/PHP Demo Site 1
ASP/PHP Demo Site 2

with the ASP/PHP link above you can enter you email and it will send the order to you

Compare the eOrdering line of eCommerce Products

Instructions and downloads for the built in secure email method

Macintosh Requirement
 *  QuickTime

Windows Requirements
  * QuickTime
*(QuickTime only required for
images other than JPEG and is
not required to view eSites)

Template Examples
QuickTime Config

To Download QuickTime

Email for Support

* True Shopping cart - This means that items added from one category show up on all category.

* All categories tied together for a one site design.

* No top end to the number of images/products allowed per eSite. (We have tested up to 850 with no problems)

* Easily add, configure, and delete categories.

* Configurable html text, and html page properties

* Html runs on any platform (as long as its web browser supports javascript)

*Several different post processing methods (PayPal, ASP email, PHP email, PHP print)(ECHO, Authorize.net, VeriSign)

* The ability to use templates for registered versions.

* The ability to use Save/Load for registered versions.

* Free updates and support for registered users

* Use custom logos for registered users.

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