eOrdering Professional
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Event Shopping Cart and Online Store solution

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with the ASP/PHP link above you can enter you email and it will send the order to you


Compare the eOrdering line of eCommerce Products

Instructions and downloads for the built in secure email method

Macintosh Requirement
 *  QuickTime

Windows Requirements
  * QuickTime
*(QuickTime only required for
images other than JPEG and
is not required to view eSites)

Template Examples

QuickTime Config

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eOrdering Professional | Features | New Changes

eOrdering Professional allows small and large businesses, photographers, and artists to put their products online and take orders online. It enables larger eCommerce sites to use categories to make browsing easier for customers.

For example event photographers can let customers order their pictures while at the event or let them order later on the internet.

eOrdering Professional uses shopping cart technology to allow the user to store a users order, so they can move around your site and place their order when they want.

eOrdering Professional makes the following pages

-a main index page
- Index page(s) for each category
--View Cart page for each category
--Album page(s) for each category
--individual product pages for each category
--Configure shipping page for each category
--Checkout Page for each category
-IntraSite Search page
-Server Side Processing Pages


Current Order Processing methods
ASP email
PHP email
PHP print
Authorize.net ADC
VeriSign PayFlow Pro


In the end, you have a product where the user selects what they need, sees the cost, submit the order, and then the order is processed for you.

This fully functional 20-day demo version is available for Windows and Macintosh (both classic and carbon).

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