Create video slideshows with ease

Often photographers want to distribute slideshows to customer, but how do you do this in a tasteful way and still protect your images. The related problem is how to distribute images and still get recognition for your work.

Video slideshow lets you take your pictures, add in some music and quickly create movies. The movies will show your watermark and will let your clients view your movies safely. The movie is saved in .mov format (requires Quicktime to play in some cases)

* You set your images to your audio
* Watermark your images for protection
* End format is easy to share with others

Three easy steps
1. Import your audio
2. Import your images
3. Create your slideshow

Registered Users
* No Try it window
* You are able to remove LAJ Design from text 2 when watermarking.
* Save and load setups
* Excellent support


Please let us know what you think for this product or if you have any problems, email web@lajdesignsw.com


Available for Windows and Macintosh.

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