Listen Later
Listen to your work when you want!

Steps to speech

1. Enter text

2.*Preview speech

3. Speak to file


Use the manager to schedule several files to be converted - great for students to move chapter to a CD.
Listen to that book on the way to work.
Listen to your chapter readings in the car as you drive.
Version 1.2.0 (1/1/07)


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Verson 1.2.0
[new] Now a universal application (mac intel and mac ppc)
[fix]Fixed some minor bugs

Verson 1.1.3
[new] Added save as text for when editing larger files.
[fix]Fixed some minor bugs

Verson 1.1.2
[fix]Fixed some minor bugs
[new] Added links to Cepstral for more voices

Verson 1.1.1
[fix]Fixed some minor bugs

Verson 1.1
[new] Spell check (mac OS X only)
[fix] Fixed the crash on quit for windows
[fix] Fixed a problem with the installer on window for the support folder
[fix] Other minor fixes

Verson 1.0
Initial Release

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