Watermark images easily

Version 3.1.7
[new] Changed Mac download to DMG for compatibility
[chg] Dropped forward upgrades for OS 9
[chg] Other Minor fixes

Version 3.1.6
[fix] Fixed an error when dropping images rather than selecting

Version 3.1.5
[chg] Removed the Toolbar menu since it was not really needed (just the menu not the menubar).
[fix] Other minor fixes
[new] Tiger Compatible (mac OS 10.4)

Version 3.1.4
[fix] Fixed a bug when using interactive mode and then clicking the configure button
[fix] Fixed a bug when looking at meta data on Interactive mode the text was not being updated.

Version 3.1.3
[fix] Fixed a bug where folders of images were not being marked and saved to the correct location
[ fix] Fixed a bug where the program would not open correctly the first time when on the windows version

Version 3.1.2
[fix] Fixed a bug where when marking a folder it was prompting for a file name for each image

Version 3.1.1
[new] New cleaner interface
[fix] Fixed a bug where watermark was not being correctly applied when resizing images
[chg] General code cleanup

Version 3.1.0.
[new] Preference for image quality
[new] Preference to keep image dpi (if not check converts to 72 dpi suitable for web images)

Version 3.0.0.
[new] Scale images option
[new] Thumbnails option (create thumbnails also)
[new] Watermark Sets (new, save, load)
[chg] GUI redesign
[chg] Bug fixes
[opt] Optimized most code

Version 2.1.3
[fix] Fixed a bug where interactive mode was showing the watermarks in the wrong position.
[chg] Changed some about how the interactive mode works. You can now move around the watermark parts easier.

Version 2.1.2
[new] Bug fix

Version 2.1.0
[new] Scale your watermark to your image (you can choose this for text1, text 2, or image 1)
[new] Button to insert the copyright symbol
[fix] Fixed a bug where interactive mode was not resetting.

Version 2.0.2
[chg] Support for more image types without Quicktime installed (Gif, png, tiff)

Version 2.0.1
[fix] Fixed several minor bugs

Version 2.0.0
[chg] Update GUI look
[chg] Rewrote the watermarking code (a 10x increase for interactive mode)
[new] Send comments, feature requests from within the program
[new] Edit the size and rotation from within interactive mode
[chg] Interactive mode show a scaled preview now
[chg] Dropwatermark now only runs unregistered for 20 days
[new] Import Tiff, PNG, and Gif without quicktime
With Quicktime load any type that QuickTime can open.
[chg] Tons of code improvements

Version 1.4.2
[chg] Changed the startup sequence (mainly for the windows build)
[chg] Interactive view is now a maximized window
[fix] Fixed a bug when using interactive mode and converting a folder of images.
[chg] Mac OS X version is now Mach-O

Version 1.4.1
[new] Check for updates at startup
[chg] changes to how saved watermarks are saved/loaded

Version 1.4
[new] EXIF/IPTC view in interactive view
[new] Insert EXIF/IPTC data into watermarks
[chg] Redesign of the interactive window
[chg] Unregistered version now has a set text for text 2

Version 1.3.3
[fix] Fixed a bug where you would get prompted to configure your setup
[fix] Fixed a bug where the windows version was not starting correctly

Version 1.3.2
[new] Updated to Mac OS 10.3

Version 1.3
[new] added rotate image (0,90,180,270) in InteractiveMode
[new] added built in help
[new] added setup Assistant
[new] added check for updates (including beta versions)
[fix] Fixed some scroll bar problems.
[fix] Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.2
[new] Added interactive mode - Preview and move around your watermark before you watermark. To enable just check the use interactive mode button.
[opt] Optimized several sections
[bug] Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.1.1
[bug] Fixed an error that would occur if just watermarking using image on image and brightness and no text watermarks.

Version 1.1
[new] Added ability to mark an image on an image
[new] Added the ability to add borders to your watermark
[bug] Fixed some minor bugs
[opt] Optimized several parts including startup

Version 1.0.1
[bug] Fixed a bug in the file save menu
[bug] Fixed a bug in watermark folders that could cause an endless loop
[chg] Added progress window for when marking folders

Verson 1.0
First public release.

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