LAJ Design today announced the release and immediate availability of Quickie Web Albums version 3.0. Quickie Web Albums is cross-platform application that creates custom Web Photo (and movie) albums

Changes found in Quickie Web Albums version 3.0
[new] Added User Comments (allowing visitors to leave comments)
[new] Added the ability to watermark full-size images or thumbnails or both.
[new] Added a beta FTP upload option (with mini FTP client)
[new] Added code to load saved album files when you double click the file
[new] Added options to set spanning link text for Previous, Page, and Next
[chg] Open dialogs now start at the last open folder
[chg] Cleanup work on the template wizard
[opt] More optimization of the watermarking
[opt] Optimized image rotation
[fix] Fixed a bug where the description was being shown for the last row if
show no description on the index page and page spanning was turned on.
[fix] fixed a bug so that .avi movies would load correctly
[chg] Cleaned up the general GUI
[opt] General optimization of Quickie

Version 3 is a free update for version 1 & 2 registered users.

User Comments options requires and uses PHP.

To see the entire list of changes go to

Quickie Web Albums lets you easily create custom web photo and movie albums. You can add a description for images or movies, pick from different album types, set image option and many other options.

Simple enough for a three step process.
1.Import the images.
2. Select where you want the web album located
3. Hit the create button.

Quickie Web Albums is shareware software, and costs US$23 to purchase. A fully-functional demo version, which expires after 45 days, is available.

Quickie Web Albums runs on Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2000, and XP) and Macintosh (8,9,X).

QuickTime is required if you want to use image types other than JPEG for products (QuickTime only needed on the computer running Quickie Web Albums). Movies also require QuickTime.

Where to Download


Mac OS X

Mac OS (classic)

A 45-day trial version of Quickie Web Albums is available for download from LAJ Design’s web site:

Purchases may be made from the LAJ Design web site:

All registered users of Quickie Web Albums may upgrade free of charge to version 3.0 by downloading the new version.

This press release and others for LAJ Design can be found at

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