September 19, 2003

LAJ Design today announced the release and immediate availability of eOrdering Gold version 2.1. eOrdering Gold is a cross-platform application that creates online eCommerce stores allowing photographers or small businesses to put their products online easily. (Designed especially for photographers to allow clients to order proofs over the web).

eOrdering Gold used to be called Web Proofs. The product is tied closer eOrdering Gold and is the step up from eOrdering Complete. The primary difference from eOrdering Complete is Gold's multi-cost per product, but Complete is single cost per product. The decision was made to make an eOrdering Family including eOrdering Professional (was Event Proofs) at the top, eOrdering Gold (Web Proofs) as the midrange, and eOrdering Complete at the bottom.



eOrdering Gold allows small businesses, photographers, and artists to put their products online and take orders online. It was originally designed for photographers orders for proofs online and has been since expanded the larger market of small businesses.

New or Changes


2.1 changes

[new] Added Theme buttons (see notes below)
[new] You can pinstripe the index page price options
[new] You can set the background colors in more places now
[new] Created the advanced option to post from checkout.html to checkout1.html. This gets you around the problem of cookies only being able to be passed within the same domain (you can use a secure site on a different domain). Just make sure that when you redirect that you redirect to the emptyCart.php page. This option is only available for the php methods.
[new] You can now check for updates from with the program (this also includes letting you look for beta updates)
[chg] Redesigned the Cart and HTML options window
[fix] Fixed a bug where the text for the spanning links was using previous/next rather than what the user defined on the album pages
[fix] Fixed various other bugs
[chg] Optimized the image rotation code

Notes: You have the option of the javascript buttons, five different themes, or custom.
For Custom you can specify either the URL or the images
For the complete list of changes please refer to our website.

eOrdering Gold is shareware software, and costs US $75 to purchase.

A fully-functional demo version, which expires after 20 days, is available.

eOrdering Gold runs on Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2000, and XP) and Macintosh (8,9,X).

QuickTime is required if you want to use image types other than JPEG for products (QuickTime only needed on the computer running eOrdering Gold).

Where to Download


A 20-day trial version of eOrdering Gold is available for download from LAJ Design’s web site:


Mac OS X

Mac OS

Purchases may be made from the LAJ Design web site:

This is a paid update for registered users costing $19.95. All registered users will be emailed update information.

For NFR copies email

You can view this and other LAJ Design News releases from our website


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