Quickie Template Support

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Custom templates are one of the benefits of registering quickie. It allows you to use a template design to create pages. Below is a mock html page showing where each comment goes. Comments are html comments and are between the <!-- and --> tags.

<title><!--QuickieTitle --></title>
<!--QuickieHead -->
<!--QuickieBody -->
<!--QuickieTable -->

The above shows what a simple template looks like. Now for a brief description about each tag.

<!--QuickieTitle --> defines where the title goes
<!--QuickieHead --> defines where meta tags go
<!--QuickieBody --> Defines where the body starts
<!--QuickieHeader--> Defines the header area(the text area above the image table).
<!--QuickieTable --> Defines where the image table needs to go.
<!--QuickieFooter--> Defines the Footer area (the text area below the image table).

Let me know if you need help with this registered only feature

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